Posts regarding frequently asked questions

Q: Are you a Franchise?

A: No, we are a friendly family owned company, my wife Christine will normally receive your calls or emails. If the line is engaged it will divert to my mobile. So, nine times out of ten you should get through to one of us. We pride ourselves on answering the phone so you speak to a person and not an answer machine.

Q: I see some carpet cleaners quote for a basic clean?

A: Basically you will be given a low price to sound like you are getting a bargain, then when they turn up, they say you need a deep clean — this will be extra on the price, didn’t include deodoriser, VAT etc. The chances of you paying the price you were quoted is very unlikely — and not only that it would be false economy — in my experience the lowest price and best value price are never the same. They may be NCCA members but probably not, NCCA and Woolsafe approved highly unlikely — hope this helps!

Q: Do you use green products?

A: Yes: Green Seal Certified see and greenguard (Indoor Air Quality Certified)

Q: Do you have special offers?

A: Yes, if we clean your 3 piece suite we will clean one of the armchairs free of charge. Our most popular offer for carpets is our whole property deals.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No, the price quoted is the price you pay (assuming the size information given is correct). In fact, we give complimentary Conditioner, Deodoriser and Anti-bacterial treatment, which other companies may charge extra for.

Q: So how do you work out the price?

A: We have made our pricing structure very simple for you and us, we don’t need to know the square footage of your room, just is your lounge (for instance) small, medium or large, is your bedroom single or double. We also have set prices (much discounted) for whole properties, which makes it easier to work out, so as a rule we don’t need to come out. However, anything above a 4 bedroom house, or commercial work, we do survey first.

Q: I’ve heard that once you have your carpets cleaned they get dirty quicker?

A: Years ago people would ‘shampoo their carpets’ just scrub in the shampoo and leave. This would attract dirt quite quickly. (If you accidentally dropped a bit of washing up liquid on your carpet it would soon turn black — same scenario). Over time things have changed a professional carpet cleaner would now have different types of product and equipment for various fibres and fabrics. We use an acidic rinse, for neutralising alkaline that would otherwise have attracted dirt and grime, so will now keep carpets cleaner for longer.