How to remove Coke stains from your carpet

Anyone who has cleaned coins using Coca Cola or Pepsi will know just how corrosive cola soft drinks can be. Whilst white vinegar might suffice for thinner fabrics used in clothing, in order to fully remove soft drinks from your carpet, at the Carpet Cleaners we recommend using a commercial grade product that will saturate all the way through to the bottom of the carpet without creating additional unwanted odours. Try saturating a thick carpet with vinegar and you’ll know what we mean!

The Carpet Cleaners are Woolsafe Certified!

At The Carpet Cleaners to clean stains like cola, we use the Woolsafe range of spot and stain removal products. As we are a Woolsafe certified company we have unique access to the high-level products and know exactly how to use them to their full effect.

For further information on the Woolsafe products, please view the video below. Otherwise please click on these links for further information on our range of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning products.