We can not stress how important it is that the right products are used on wool or wool mix carpets. They should be only be cleaned with Woolsafe approved products in the correct way.

We are Woolsafe approved carpet cleaners — which means not only do we have a greater understanding of cleaning wool or wool mix carpets (all fibres and fabrics for that matter) but we would only use Woolsafe approved products.

Even if you are just moving out of your rented accommodation and need it cleaned for your letting agreements — the last thing you want is to get into disputes about a stain that didn’t come out or something that has gone a funny colour as the wrong products have been used.

To be an approved Woolsafe technician you have to have a few years experience first, should be at least a basic level National Carpet Cleaners Association member (we are at advance level) you also have to pass a rigorous examination.

An untrained cleaner could ruin a carpet if the incorrect cleaning solutions and methods are used.

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